Two days to improve Research and Innovation in european SME's!

In the framework of the Belgian Presidency of the Council of Europe, WALLONIA (DGO6-Research), organises, in collaboration with the European Commission (DG Research), a conference focusing on the needs of “Small and Medium-sized Enterprises” around the twin themes of “Research” and “Innovation” as a background.

This conference will take place on November 17th and 18th 2010 at Hotel Dolce La Hulpe (Brussels) and we expect a total of 400 participants, most of whom representing a variety of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. This conference will be entitled as such :

"SME's, Research and Innovation : from Idea to Market, turning Knowledge into Profit!".

The two-day debates will concentrate on the following three central themes :

Sme Conference 2010 - 2015

Step 1 – I have an idea !
From the idea to the launch of a project/company

Step 2 – How to turn that idea into reality?
Creating your innovative environment and personal network for success

Step 3 – Meeting market and societal challenges
Is market driven innovation the way to success?

Each of these sessions will be launched by a well-known visionary speaker whose role will be to elaborate on the traditional horizons dealing with research and innovation within European Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, therefore helping the audience to put aside all pre-conceived ideas and thus hopefully leading the audience to start opening-up to current visions.

Each of these sessions should give plenty of opportunities to help European Small and Medium-sized Enterprises to describe as well as share their own experiences with the audience, under the guidance of two experienced moderators who would conduct the debates, draw a number of conclusions and perhaps offer new ways to reassess and/or reflect upon the debated topics.

About Dolce La Hulpe Brussels

Dolce La Hulpe Brussels: property overview

Dolce La Hulpe Brussels is located in the heart of the ancient Sonian forest creating a tranquil and verdant sanctuary only minutes from the Brussels City Centre and Brussels International Airport, search for cheap flights here.

This premier resort and conference hotel is dedicated to inspiring its business and leisure guests—especially with its indoor pool and fitness center, a lavish CINQ MONDES Spa, two superb restaurants and lounges, and a selection of 264 guest rooms and suites newly appointed with ultra-modern conveniences and sleek, contemporary decor.

Featuring 4,500 m² (47,900 sq. ft) of IACC certified meeting space that includes 2 auditoriums, 35 meeting rooms and the most cutting-edge technology, Dolce La Hulpe Brussels balances work with play by offering exceptional sports, recreational and leisure opportunities onsite and in the breathtaking natural beauty of the surroundings.



A good idea is always the driving force behind any innovation.

Any specific new idea cannot be anything but a simple evolution emanating from an existing product. Yet it can also represent a new approach, a new concept, a new functionality that’s going to be useful for your organisation.

Whilst creativity is available to each and everyone. It sometimes requires a specific method, certain rigorous measures as well as a structured approach. Creativity can be learned and could be put into practice and there are lots of available tools to help everyone.

Thereafter one has to resort to a certain degree of pragmatism : namely, how to turn a good idea into a concrete project ? How to test a good idea, how to get to its core and how to manipulate it correctly in order to end up with a real innovation that could be useful to your organisation ? In doing so, this process can become an achievement in itself, with a certain degree of self-satisfaction and together with a number of adequate developments, it can also produce endless revenues.

There are numerous steps to go through before your “dream idea” becomes a viable reality capable of being manufactured first and/or put to the test.



I have an idea, yes that’s fine, but.. How to turn an idea into a reality?

The first step is to avoid keeping it a secret. By discussing your idea with others, by analysing all the possible challenges, you could then turn your idea into a viable project, a realistic innovation that will work for you. The second step is to call upon all internal as well as external resources in order to get the whole process going time and again until you start seeing its true potential.

In doing so, you’ll have to put yourself to more tests, face up to some critical remarks from every quarter and appreciate whatever is thrown at you as a necessary challenge in order to achieve the anticipated results that would help your good idea become a practical and potentially a unique innovation.

Gather around you all the competent people who would not hesitate to challenge your ideas and/or ways and that’s how you could excel as well as flourish. This step is absolutely essential for everyone who might thinks he/she has an idea.



Is innovation, once tailor-made to the market’s needs, the undeniable key to success ?

What’s behind the needs of all consumers : It’s practically anything that can be invented from scratch and/or something that’s been purely anticipated as a viable product.
I-Phone and I-Pad came into being because somebody, somewhere wanted to satisfy a personal whim – more so than just trying to secure a viable solution to a specific problem!

But what do you have to do and how do you plan to convince reluctant consumers ? How to get your innovation either sponsored let alone financed ? How to turn your invented product into a marketable and thereafter hopefully successful product ? These are only a few of the essential topics that you have to look into before going any further..

Besides, as your organisation evolves and changes on a regular basis, the financial aspect happens to be only one of its different components ; yet it is a cornerstone of our societal needs – and especially so in time of crisis. Therefore you must add it all up, the challenges on the one hand, and the needs on the other and thus you need to put all these challenges into a melting pot before contemplating the ultimate step and “getting the whole process into motion”.



Turning an affiliate campaign into a profitable business its not an easy job. The correct structure of a successful website has much more than a simple presentation page, CTR, EPC, conversion rate, impressions, visitors, all these numbers need to be blended into a single action, the sale. Usually in affiliate or performance marketing when we speak about an action we mean s a sale, a sing up in newsletter or a registration. In our 2015 conference we will focus on tourism and the travel affiliate program which cover one of the largest percent in the market. We will be happy to see you in our conference which will take place on 17 June 2015 in the central exhibition hall in Brussels.